Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lilly and Hailey Graduate from pre-school

Lilly and Hailey graduated from Pre-shool.
It is so crazy, they are growing so fast

They sang such cute songs... including an adorable song about america

This was the tooty tot song, it was hilarious
Sticking your tongue out, closing your eyes, thumbs up, and bottoms out
Singing away!!!

Miss Shaun and the girls
She has been such a great teacher
The girls have such fun with her
The girls with Miss Lisa
She is wonderful and the girls have loved her

The living aquarium pre-school field trip

We went to the living aquarium for a field trip...
We had fun looking at the tiny fish!

Hailey and Mommy

Lilly and the biggest shark in Utah!

Lilly in the boat

Hailey with Miss Lisa, Abby and Rylee

Miss Lisa and Lilly

Hailey and her friend Abby

Lilly goes to Tea with Nana

Nana and Lilly go to tea
Such fun!!

It's tea time

All dressed up for tea
I think she was a little bit nervous!

Pirate Day

The girls had pirate day at school and we had so much fun
dressing them up.


Izabelle's Friends party

17 girls total... whoo
they were so good and it was a blast

Izabelle puts the feet of the pinata on and walks around
What a cutie

Lining up for the pinata

Izabelle's 7th Birthday May 17th

For Izabelle's 7th birthday we went to Lagoon. The girls were so excited and loved all the rides. They lasted longer than we planned and we all had a blast
The first ride of the day!

Hailey and Me swirling by on the roller coaster.

Jon and Hailey on the dolphin ride... they got wet!

Our cute girls

Lilly and Hailey flying high

Izabelle and Hailey on the bumper cars

Lilly in her bumper car


Jon and the girls having a treat after lunch!

Jon and Hailey on the train

Lilly, Izabelle and Me on the lagoon train

All the girls on the train

Yum... Izabelle's cake


More Presents

Lilly's 5th Birthday May 1st 2009

My beautiful Lilly

She is such a doll!!

She was so excited to be 5

The entrance to the party...
Lilly and Izabelle
It was crazy hair day, so Izabelle has a bun- hock
Izabelle is ready for the party


We did a hunt for gold rocks... the kids all loved it
Here is Hailey holding her golden rocks
Such a treasure hunt!!
Lilly takes a wack at the pinata

Hailey gets a swing at it too!

Jon had to beat up the pinata a little bit or we would still be taking turns outside.
It was one strong pinata

Lilly blowing out her candles at her friends party.
It was a Barbie and the diamond castle party
She invited 12 girls... it was a lot of girls!
But fun
Lilly gets an I-Pod at the family party
She was so excited!!!

Blowing out the candles at the family party!

Dillion, Izabelle, Aunt Val, Uncle Erik, and Hailey

The birthday girl with Papa and Nana